Refugees and migrants intercepted by Libyan coastguard plead not to be returned—UNHCR Refugee Brief

France24 reports from a Libyan coastguard vessel responding to an alert from Malta and Italy, and intercepting a Europe-bound rubber dinghy carrying 126 adults and children, most of them from Sudan. As the passengers were being moved to the coastguard vessel, it dawned on them that they were being returned to the country they just fled, and some of the women broke down and cried. After docking in Tripoli, some of the passengers were treated for hypothermia before being loaded on to buses taking them to already overcrowded detention centres. One man tried to escape by throwing himself into the water. In another report by the BBC, a family from Cameroon describe how one of their family members died in detention soon after the boat she and her two children were travelling on was intercepted by the Libyan coastguard. UNHCR has repeatedly warned against people being returned to Libya after being rescued at sea, and called for the closure of the detention centres.

The images you will see are extremely troubling!

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