Refugees are beeing forgotten warns the Red Cross in its World Disaster Report

In 2011, 72 million people around the world had to leave their homes because of displacements and forced evictions. The ‘World Disaster Report’ from the International Red Cross Federation has just come out and its figures for 2011 make grim reading. Last year the report focused on hunger and malnutrition, but this year’s headline number of more than 72 million is striking.  The figure translates into more than one person in every 100 on the planet forced from their homes or countries. There are several causes: war, like in Syria, from where 100,000 people have fled, mostly to Turkey, or natural disasters.  And the  journeys these people have to make are often dangerous and difficult, sometime life-threatening, and once it is over conditions in refugee camps are more often than not squalid, unhealthy, and uncertain. For many of the world’s displaced people, some 14 percent, no end to their torment or return is in sight. Rich Europe struggles to cope, so what is it like elsewhere? The Red Cross makes it clear that this is a global crisis that needs a global response.

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