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Aegean Boat Report is an independent Norwegian NGO established by Tommy Olsen. It provides detailed and neutral information on boats and arrivals in the Aegean Sea. Its information is used by organizations, volunteers and journalists eager to better understand the refugee crisis. Yesterday’s blogpost by Tommy Olsen, founder of Aegean Boat Report is truly horrifying. Everybody should know what is happening in Greece and how newly arrived refugees risk upon arrival on the shores. ForumAsile reposts the first few lines and recommends any reader to go until the end of the story by clicking on the following link.


In yet another shocking breach of international law, men, women and children have been beaten, robbed and forced onto a life raft by Greek authorities, despite repeated government claims that it does not undertake ‘pushbacks’ of refugees into Turkey. Thirteen men, women and children were forcibly removed from a refugee camp in Lesvos on Wednesday night (17/2/2021) by uniformed operatives, who claimed the refugees were being taken to be tested for COVID-19. Instead, they were forced into an isobox, repeatedly beaten with batons, stripped of their possessions and forced into the sea on an inflatable life raft.

Audio recordings sent by the victims, images, geo localisation datas support the findings.

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