The ‘Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis’ project up for impact award

The ‘Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis’ project is up for an accolade in the research impact category of the Guardian University Awards, whose winners will be announced at a ceremony on March 29.

The project team reported in November that there were “flawed” and “deeply politicised” assumptions by European governments about the reasons why people moved, and that states were contributing to the crisis by blaming people smugglers – rather than conflict and human rights abuses in countries such as Syria, Libya, Iran, Eritrea and Afghanistan – for increased migration.

According to the findings, Europe’s failure to open up safe and legal routes to asylum, and a focus on border security, actually drove demand for smugglers, who became the only option for those trying to enter countries which could offer protection.

via MEDMIG research into Mediterranean migration crisis up for ‘impact’ award — MEDMIG

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