Read the story of Chris Catrambone who saves lives in the Meditarranean with his vessel and his drone

Photo: Andrea Frazzeta fo Bloomberg Businessweek

Photo: Andrea Frazzeta fo Bloomberg Businessweek

Read the excellent article by Brad Wieners in Bloomberg Businessweek (10.4.2015) to discover how Chris Catrambone and his wife are using a private yacht and drones to save lives in the Mediterranean. This man is a hard worker self made man from Louisiana (USA) who became a millionaire with his insurance company The Tangiers Group which he moved to Malta in 2008 at the age of 27.

In 2013 , during a cruise he literally came nose to nose with dying migrants on a famous beach in Lampedusa.  It was a terrible choc and after discussing the matter during a whole night, the Catrambones decided to start their own « search-and-rescue outfit ». They established a nonprofit organisation, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) and bought a suitable vessel. With her and with the use of drones they managed to save many lives in the Mediterranean.

Watch this documentary:
 Drones Patrolling the World’s Deadliest Migrant Crossing

The full article by Brad Wieners can be found here:  Dying at Europe’s Doorstep

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