Paper by Laura Robbins-Wright, PhD Candidate in Government, London School of Economics and Political Science. First published by EU Law Analysis. — On 15 December 2015, the European Commission published a recommendation concerning a humanitarian admission scheme for Syrian refugees in Turkey. The recommendation follows a June 2015 decision to implement an intra-EU relocationContinue Reading

Dans « 2015: The Year we mistook Refugees for Invaders « (1)  Philippe Fargues fait une excellente analyse des causes et de la nature de la crise migratoire.  Il utilise les récentes statistiques européennes et analyse les politiques qui ont contribué à accroître les risques pour les migrants.  En 2016, les conflits en Syrie, Irak,Continue Reading

In September, Uruguay became the first country in Latin America to offer full resettlement to Syrian refugees seeking safety from the civil war, according to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR). Around half of a total of 120 Syrian refugees, of which more than 60 percent are children, have left refugee camps in LebanonContinue Reading