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In 2016 alone, 29,432 people registered as asylum-seekers in Hungary.  In that same year, Hungary had Europe’s lowest recognition rate of international protection based on asylum claims. While the EU average was 61%, in Hungary only 9% of applicants got international protection. 2 This low recognition rate is particularly significant given that almost a third of the asylum-seekers in the country were under 18 and over a fifth are women.

67% came from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, war and terror-torn countries.  However, Hungary rejected 91% of the Syrian, 87% of the Iraqi and 94% of the Afghan asylum claims in 2016.

As for those still waiting for an answer from Hungary regarding their asylum claim, the latest data provided by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC) shows that there are 264 people in asylum detention facilities, 105 hosted in open camps and a dozen people held in transit zones.

14 more people are being held in a community shelter managed by the Hungarian Immigration Office; some of them are asylum-seekers, while others are migrants who have been expelled from Hungary but cannot return to their home country. As early as the summer of 2015 Hungary started erecting fences on its Balkan borders, part of which is now patrolled by 3,000 Hungarian border hunters, volunteers whose recruitment is ongoing.

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