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Reconstruction of a forced deportation carried out by the Swiss authorities

Reconstruction of a forced deportation carried out by the Swiss authorities

A visualization of the procedure has not yet been publicised. The film is based on numerous interviews with people that have been personally involved in the deportation procedure and on an analysis of the training material used by the Swiss police. Everyone, who lives in Switzerland without valid papers and refuses to voluntarily return to his/her home country, is in danger of being subjected to such treatment. Joseph Chiakwa died whilst bound to a chair by force in preparation for deportation in the hands of Swiss police officers on March 17th 2010.

According to Mr. Jean-Pierre Restellini, President of the CNPT in Switzerland (National Commission for the Prevention of Torture), also representing Switzerland in the Comittee against Torture of the Council of Europe, Switzerland imposes the highest degree of constraint against persons who are forcibly returned. Most European countries manage to undertake forced deportation under lower degrees of constraints without any problems. For further information watch the programme « Infrarouge » RTS1 on the documentary « Vol Spécial », Fernand Melgar (28.3.2012).


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